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How to Manage Orders

All of the orders made through your e-commerce website can be easily managed with the JuiceBox CMS. Find out how to sort the order list, change the order status, and more.

How to Manage Products with Categories

Learn how to manage product categories, update product info & keep track of product inventory with JuiceBox CMS.

How to Manage Subscribers

Learn how to view & manage the list of your business subscriber names & email addresses - with JuiceBox, it's easier than ever!

How to Manage Sliders & Banners

Be creative with sliders & banners on your website! Learn how to add slides, change background images, and customize the slide text.

How to Manage the Blog

With JuiceBox CMS, updating your website blog is easier than ever! Learn how to add new articles, manage categories, schedule posts, and more.

How to Add New Subsections

With JuiceBox CMS, you get to manage & create subsections on your website yourself. Learn how to add a new subsection or service & assign it to the parent category.

How to Manage Sections

The JuiceBox navigation menu is tailored exactly around your company's needs. Learn how to manage sections & subsections of your website.

How to Use the Editor

You have a full control of the website content with our user-friendly editor. Learn how to use the comprehensive features of the JuiceBox text editor.


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